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Bedroom LD - $85,000

About Phillipston
The Town of Phillipston Massachusetts was founded in 1814 and is located in Worcester County.

Phillipston contains about 2000 year round residents.

Today the town is a residential and rural community.

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Remarkable People: Advanced Style Movie Premiere with Ari Cohen
Ari Seth Cohen's documentary film, Advanced Style examines the lives of seven unique New Yorkers whose eclectic personal style and vital spirit have guided their approach to aging. Based on Aris famed blog and book of the same name, this film paints intimate and colorful portraits of independent, stylish women aged 62 to 95 who are challenging conventional ideas about beauty and aging. Film screening follows a talk by the author and follows with author reception. Register: Call: 781-234-9013

When: Jun 10, 2015 2 PM to Jun 10, 2015 5 PMin Newtonville, Massachusetts
Cost: Fee: $10.00 (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 14 )
Certified Big data Training
EZcertifications is conducting 4 days Big-Data and Hadoop Developer training workshops in 27 locations in United States, delivered by certified and highly experienced trainers. We EZcertifications are one of the best Big-Data and Hadoop Developer Training institutes. Location: Boston, MA Date: 26th 29th May - 2015 Click here for our calendar of upcoming Big Data &Hadoop Developer Training Sessions EZcertifications: EZcertifications is a Global Education Provider in the area of professional certification courses. It provides high quality and cost-effective training solutions to meet individual and organizational training requirements in mission-critical areas of Big Data, Project Management, IT Service Management, Information Security, Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis & Agile/Scrum. Enrol Now Take advantage of our Classroom Training & world class e-learning content. Big Data & Hadoop Certification Course from EZcertifications will help you to: Get certified on Big Data and Hadoop Master the concepts of Hadoop framework and its deployment in a cluster environment Process around 3.5 Billion Data points spanning across 8 Data sets with a high level of efficiency Understand Hadoop Architecture by understanding Hadoop Distribution File System operations principles (vHDFS 1.0 &vHDFS 2.0) Understand advance concepts of parallel processing in MapReduce1.0 (or MRv1) & MapReduce2.0 (or MRv2) Learn to write complex Map Reduce programs in both MRv1 & MRv2 (Yarn) Learn high-level scripting frameworks Pig & Hive and perform data analytics using high level scripting language under Pig & Hive Have a good understanding of Ecosystem and its advance components like Flume, Apache Oozie workflow scheduler etc. Understand advance concepts Hadoop 2.0 : Hbase, Zookeeper and Sqoop Get hands-on experience in different configurations of Hadoop cluster, its optimization & troubleshooting Get a chance to work on 2 Real time Industry based Projects Enrol Today! We Make It EZ For You! Click Here for more information on our unique training programs For further queries please contact us Toll Free at 1-866-438-0220 Kind Regards, Kris Mohan, Training Manager Contact Us Toll Free: 1- 866- 438-0220

When: May 27, 2015 8 AM in Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts (Wed, 27 May 2015 08 )
Film Screening: MANUFACTURED LANDSCAPES: A Film by Jennifer Baichwal
When: May 27, 2015 7 PM in Harvard, Massachusetts (Wed, 27 May 2015 19 )
Boston Harbor Island Cruise
Boston Harbor Island Cruise: History, Mysteries and More

Soak up the sights and hear the history surrounding Boston's Harbor Islands on this two-hour narrated cruise aboard an intimate '20s-style mini-yacht dubbed the Beacon. The knowledgeable crew will fill you on fascinating facts as you float by Fort Independence and Fort Warren, Spectacle Island, Long Island, Lovell's Island and many others, pointing out notable lighthouses, shipwreck sites, a mysterious sunken island and more. Enjoy it all from the open bow, back deck, or shaded mid-deck. Beer, wine and sparkling wine are available for purchase, while soda and water are included.

When: May 27, 2015 4 PM in Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: $10.00 - $25.00 (Wed, 27 May 2015 16 )
Metalworking Intensive: MAY


In this class, students will learn the basics of how to design and fabricate professional, load-bearing frames out of steel. Students will work together to build an Asylum infrastructure project, to be determined at the start of class. Previous projects have included industrial storage racks, stools, and work tables for the shops of the Asylum. Students will participate in the construction and assembly of the pieces all the way from raw materials to finished product, and learn skills including measuring, layout, manufacturing of jigs, cutting, and MIG welding. Each student will get time to practice using saws, mig welders, and angle grinders over the course of the four-week session. This will be a good introduction to general structural steel construction techniques; each week we'll reinforce the skills learned in previous classes.

Class Goals:

In this class students will learn every skill needed to build a load-bearing steel frame structure. These include layout, cutting, grinding, jigging, and MIG welding. This class is structured such that it can be taken multiple times, allowing you to get more time and instruction on refining your metal fabrication skills with each iteration.


No experience required. Students must be at least 18 years old.

What to Bring:

Materials will be provided by the Asylum.

Required Dress Code:

- Cotton clothing that you don't mind getting dirty (synthetics burn and melt)
- Long sleeves and pants
- Closed-toe shoes
- Something to cover your hair: baseball cap and bandanas work well

Instructor Biography:

Joseph Wight a.k.a. Puppy is a professional metal fabricator, machinist, and artist.

Event Time:

Session 1: Wednesday,May 6, 7PM - 10PM

Session 2: Wednesday, May13, 7PM - 10PM

Session 3: Wednesday, May20, 7PM - 10PM

Session 4: Wednesday, May 27, 7PM - 10PM

REFUNDS:We offer full refunds for any class cancellations more than one week in advance of the class start date. After that point refunds are contingent upon the Asylum being able to fill the seat. No refunds whatsoever are offered for same-day cancellations. To request a refund for a class, pleasefill out this form.

CANCELLATIONS:Your class may be cancelled if too few people register. A decision will be made a few days before the class is scheduled to run, and you will be notified of the cancellation and your registration refunded in full.

When: May 6, 2015 7 PM to May 27, 2015 10 PMin Somerville, Massachusetts (Wed, 06 May 2015 19 )
Biscuits and Gravy
with Young Pandas, Sun of Sound
Biscuits and Gravy fuses the soul of Motown, the raw energy of funk, and the drive of hip-hop to bring listeners a sound that is all their own. The band is quickly establishing itself in Boston where all of its members studied at Berklee College of Music. The seven members of B&G have been perfecting their sound at venues from house parties to clubs, and are gaining a reputation as a must-see act. The band recently released their debut record, "Hello Weekend."

When: Jun 25, 2015 8 PM in Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: $8.00 - $10.00 (Thu, 25 Jun 2015 20 )
Foster Care Alumni Meet and Greet - Springfield MA

During their kickoff event March 25th, the western group created a plan for the next event they'd like to see, and this group will meet every other month.
SAVE the DATE - On June 10th - We'll bring in people who currently work in the professional fields members are interested in learning about.


Each speaker will have 5 min each to address to the audience overall regarding who they are and some steps they've taken in their career path. Speakers will be available for further conversation during the rest of the event.

We need your help to pick a venue for our next WesternEvent on June10th in Springfield.Save your Seat Here! Have a suggestion for a venue? Contact our event organizers.

When: Jun 10, 2015 6 PM to Jun 10, 2015 8 PMin Springfield, Massachusetts (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 18 )
June Milton Neighbors Social
Come hang out with your Milton Neighbors in person!Please join us for our third socializing and networking event. Our socials have been a huge success, complete with lots of laughs and local networking. Cheese & veggie crudite. Cash bar. All profits to go to the Milton Residents Fund.

When: Jun 10, 2015 7 PM in Milton, Massachusetts (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 19 )
Faneuil Branch Programming Study Community Meeting

Be part of the process. Participate in the programming study phase for the Faneuil Branch. Listen to the project architects (Tappe) and give them your feedback.

When: Jun 10, 2015 12 AM in Brighton, Massachusetts
Cost: Free (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 00 )
Leverage Mobile, Social, and Search for Business Growth and Success
Seaport Week 2015: A Free Panel Discussion at MassChallenge Are you interested in learning more about digital marketing? Do you have questions about how to leverage mobile technology, social media, and search engines? Are you concerned or confused with how to prioritize chosen tactics and program investments in online marketing for your organization? Join The Boston Harbor Association, in coordination with the team at KoMarketing, as we host a panel of online marketing experts local to the Seaport area, in a discussion about how organizations can successfully leverage mobile technology, social media, and search engines, for business success. Light refreshments will be provided during the event. Were excited to have the opportunity to discuss online marketing with panelists that have more then fifty years combined experience in the industry. Andrew Wheeler, Vice President, Strategic Services, Skyword Casie Gillette, Director of Online Marketing, KoMarketing Rebecca Churt, Growth Strategist, OpenView Partners Sherwood Stranieri, SEO Consultant, Skypromote Interested in learning more? Check out our landing page on KoMarketing with more information on the agenda and additional background on our speakers. Event Sponsors Attending this event? Please share the news with your networks by using the following link Click To Tweet

When: Jun 8, 2015 5 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Mon, 08 Jun 2015 17 )
Webinar On FLSA How to Determine Exempt Status & Calculate Overtime Correctly
Complying with FLSA How to Determine Exempt Status & Calculate Overtime Correctly Location: Attend Live Webinar Dates : 27-May-2015: 01:00 PM EST Duration: 1 Hours 60 Mins Speaker: Susan Fahey Desmond Susan Fahey Desmond, is a partner in the New Orleans office of Jackson Lewis, a national labor and employment law firm with offices in 48 cities across the country. She has been representing management in all areas of labor and employment law for over 25 years. Course Description: Although the Fair Labor Standards Act has been around for a long time, it is the most frequently violated employment law. Violations are rarely intentional. Employers misclassify employees as exempt or fail to calculate working time accurately. Misclassifications can result in severe back pay issues. Calculating overtime incorrectly can often result in over payments or underpayments. This webinar on employee overtime calculation will help you understand what is time worked, exempt versus non-exempt status and how to calculate your employees' overtime correctly so to avoid these costly suits Course Objective: Overtime lawsuits are on the rise. Employees are getting wiser to their rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and are realizing that their employers have been incorrectly designating them as exempt and, therefore, have not been paying them overtime they are due. They are also realizing that employers are failing to record working time correctly resulting in significant underpayments to their employees. Additionally, even if the working time is accurately noted, employers failed to calculate overtime obligations correctly. Due to the frequent errors on employers part, many employees are grouping together to bring class actions or collective actions under the FLSA making these suits more costly than ever. Course Outline: What is actual time worked under the FLSA. What is meant by suffered or permitted to work? Exempt versus Nonexempt Status. Deductions from exempt pay - avoiding the landmines. Hourly versus Salaried Status. How to determine FLSA classification of positions. Problems with "job creep" and "perception of status". How to calculate working time including travel time, training time, donning and doffing and others. Methods of calculating overtime salary coefficient, piece rates, blended rates, BELO contracts. Employee-employer relationship versus independent contractor status. Suggested policies to administer under FLSA. Compensatory time off versus pay in lieu of notice. What to do when you discover that you have made an error. Target Audience: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to Human Resource professionals In-house counsel who deal with employee benefits Company owners Labor and employment law personnel Payroll professionals Companies that provide payroll services to other entities Please Click here for More Information To Enroll for This Program today please click here Thank you & Regards, Sean Sharpe, Training Manager, Call us at this Toll Free number: +1-866-978-0800

When: May 27, 2015 1 PM to May 27, 2015 2 PMin Roslindale, Massachusetts
Cost: Early Bird Price:$199 (Wed, 27 May 2015 13 )
Sister Act

Nov 3, 2015: 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm (Tue)

When: Nov 3, 2015 7 AM in Beverly, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit website for price range. (Tue, 03 Nov 2015 07 )
Lara Herscovitch
Age Limit: All Ages

Lara Herscovitch

When: Jun 10, 2015 7 PM in Maynard, Massachusetts (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 19 )
Paint & Sip Fundraiser for Camp VISION
Learn to paint "Dog & Cat Watching Sunset" on a large 16x20 canvas, while you sip a beverage, and socialize with friends.
At Berkshire Paint and Sip Studio, Pittsfield, MA
All painting materials and instruction included for this 2 hour painting. $35. Reserve your seats at

When: Jun 10, 2015 12 AM to Jun 10, 2015 12 AMin Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Cost: 35.00 (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 00 )
Starry Night Paint & Sip
Learn to paint Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on a large 16x20 canvas, while you sip a beverage and socialize with friends.
At Berkshire Paint and Sip Studio, 305 North St, Pittsfield, MA.
All painting materials and instruction included for this 2 hour painting. BYOB. $30 Reserve your seats at

When: May 27, 2015 12 AM to May 27, 2015 12 AMin Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Cost: 30.00 (Wed, 27 May 2015 00 )
Post 390 Beer Dinner Featuring Berkshire Brewing Company

Please join Post 390 and Berkshire Brewing Company on Wednesday,May 27 for an entertaining evening of food and beer. This special evening features a reception followed by a three-course dinner prepared by Chef Eric Brennan and paired with selection of Berkshire's beers. Berkshire Brewing Company CEO, Gary Bogoff, will guide us through a selection from their portfolio with each course.

Ale House Inspired Hors dOeuvres

Seasonal Beer Selection

Clambake 2.0

wellfleet clam cake, warm potato-lobster salad, hollander mussel & linguica fritter,

liquid corn on the cob with imperial steel rail pale ale

Gold Spike German-Style Kolsch

Coffee Rubbed Rohan Duck

plantain, strawberry pico de gallo, duck confit & offal braised in draymans porter mole poblano

Lost Sailor IPA

Chocolate Glazed Donut

deans beans coffeehouse porter ice cream, hazelnut crunch, toasted fluff

Bear Tracker Russian Imperial Stout

Berkshire Brewing Company has grown froma small, distinguised microbrewery brewing seven barrels at a time in South Deerfield, Mass. to one of New England's premier regional craft breweries, self-distributing a large selection of fine ales and lagers to locations across the Northeast.

Post 390 puts a contemporary twist on the traditional tavern experience with seasonally inspired dishes that reflect Chef Eric Brennans passion for fresh ingredients and unforgettable flavors. The restaurant features a first floor Tavern with its casual but sophisticated menu and atmosphere, and a Dining Room on the second floor with refined dining experience with an open kitchen, wine displays, two private dining rooms, and additional fireside dining.

When: May 27, 2015 7 PM to May 27, 2015 10 PMin Wayland, Massachusetts (Wed, 27 May 2015 19 )
Meet Author Barbara Stark-Nemon Presented by Brookline Booksmith
Brookline Booksmith (279 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446) hosts a panel of She Writes Press authors, including novelist Barbara Stark-Nemon, on Wednesday, June 10th starting at 7:00pm for a talk and signing. Barbara is the author of Even in Darkness, a historical novel based on the true story of her German-Jewish family before, during, and after the Holocaust. Barbara spent 15 years researching the novel. Learn more at

When: Jun 10, 2015 7 PM in Brookline, Massachusetts (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 19 )
Open Data Innovation Summit

The summit will cover three topic areas: Open Data Innovation, the projects, challenges, successes, use cases & more, Big Data in Government and finally Data for the Public Good.

When: Jun 10, 2015 8 AM to Jun 11, 2015 6 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 08 )
Worshop for Small Businesses: "Understanding Business Financials" presented by CoWork Springfield


Understanding business financials is the basis of business success. Dont be baffled by profit and loss statements, balance sheets or cash flow statements, make them work for you! This easy-to-follow workshop provides ways to identify the financial information you need to know; how your business is performing, make key financial decisions, identify which figures you should track regularly, and spot if theres a problem in the business that needs to be fixed.

About the Presenter:

Jen Turner, MBA,assists individuals and small to mid-sized businesses navigate their changing environments using a financial perspective. No stranger to accounting, she has helped set up, clean up and maintain accountingsystemsfrom excelspreadsheets to high level accountingsoftware, including the mysterious QuickBooks.

When: Jun 16, 2015 12 PM to Jun 16, 2015 1 PMin Springfield, Massachusetts (Tue, 16 Jun 2015 12 )
MA ACE Women's Network Annual Presidents' Dinner

The MA ACE Women's Network is hosting its annual Presidents' Dinner to honor women leaders in Massachusetts who have contributed to the development and advancement of women in our state.Celebrate Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Maureen O'Neill and other leadership award recipients.

In addition to our awards ceremony, this year there will be a panel of senior higher education leaders who will share their perspectives about the impact of proposed national, state, and local legislation related to Title IX, VAWA, and the Clery Act on IHEs. Our panel of experts will include: President Jackie Jenkins-Scott from Wheelock College, General Counsel Constantia (Dena) Papanikolauou from the Board of Higher Education, and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Enku Gelaye from UMass Amherst.

A reception will begin at 5:30 p.m. Dinner, the awards ceremony, and panel presentation will follow at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are $65 each. If an organization wishes to purchase a table (10 seats), please reserve tickets by May 1, 2015. Individual tickets to the event will be sold until June 2, 2015.

While the MA ACE Women's Network promotes the development and advancement of women higher education leaders, this event is open to all. We encourage attendees to invite professional colleagues from your organizations, network and learn more about our chapter, and become actively engaged in membership activities.

We look forward to seeing you on June 10, 2015! If you have any questions, please contact Lisa C. Buenaventura at or 617-287-5920.

When: Jun 10, 2015 5 PM to Jun 10, 2015 8 PMin Waltham, Massachusetts
Cost: Each ticket covers the reception and dinner. 65.00 true Reception and dinner ticket 65.00

(Wed, 10 Jun 2015 17 )
CWE Central MA- S-BYB - Mastering Time Management Skills

Your relationship with time is one of the most important relationships in your life. Ending the struggle with time leaves you free, happy, and productive.

In this workshop, you will learn:

How to juggle your personal and professional life
Proven techniques and skills concerning managing your time effectively
How to overcome procrastination, organize yourself, and plan brilliantly
How to feel more joy and success in both your personal and professional lives

Must register to attend. Partial scholarship may be available to those who qualify.

When: May 27, 2015 6 PM to May 27, 2015 8 PMin Worcester, Massachusetts
Cost: 50.00 true Mastering Time Management Skills 50.00

(Wed, 27 May 2015 18 )
Break Thru Music: Battle For Warped Tour 2015, Round 1
with Eyes of Lilith, As Aphrodite Fell, Owen Jones, Dim The Lights, The Excrementals, To Die a Legend, Make the Rules, No Sudden Movements, Eyes Like Fire, A Fathom Farewell, Anastasia Markov, Secrecy, While Stella Sleeps

When: May 30, 2015 3 PM in Worcester, Massachusetts
Cost: $12.00 (Sat, 30 May 2015 15 )
Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) - Boston
Course Description

66% of software features are rarely or never used. Making the right product decisions, building the right features, and incorporating feedback is the difference between building products that satisfy customers and building products that delight and engage them.

As one of the largest and fastest-growing agile frameworks, Scrum is a simple, yet powerful way to manage product requirements, elevate quality, and accelerate project delivery. One of the key roles in Scrum is that of Product Owner, the person tasked with setting and communicating the product vision, the one who ultimately determines what gets built.

The BigVisible Certified Scrum Product Owner course is a 2-day, hands-on workshop, filled with practical advice and time-tested techniques designed to give students the foundation they need to succeed with Scrum. Our Certified Scrum Trainers are coaches first, which means that long after your course is over, we have the experience and expertise to provide ongoing support and assist you in implementing what you've learned.

Our CSPO course offers a detailed examination of the Scrum project lifecycle and the product owner role, going beyond the basic definitions to focus on how to achieve success as a product owner with Scrum. Course delivery is varied for optimal learning, with activities ranging from case study analyses and in-depth lectures, to hands-on exercises and interactive games. Each person will leave this course empowered with practical, applicable advice and skills they can apply to their own projects and teams.Agenda & Learning Objectives

Our CSPO course covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • How Scrum helps organizations cope with change, budget constraints, quality issues, and more
  • The product owner role and how it differs from traditional roles, such as business analyst
  • Ways to manage the product backlog and write effective user stories
  • Pragmatic practices for managing and communicating the scope and vision of a product
  • How to partner effectively with a development team
  • Strategies for delivering faster by taking advantage of the iterative, incremental nature of Scrum

Courses typically run from 8:30am to 5:00pm, though the exact hours may vary.Coffee in the morning, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided and are included in the course price.These informal breaks are outstanding opportunities to visit and network with your trainer and classmates.Intended Audience

This course is appropriate for stakeholders, business analysts, managers, product owners, and anyone who wants to understand what agile and Scrum are all about from the product-owner perspective. Though no agile experience is required, some experience managing projects is helpful.Course Benefits

Upon completion of the course, students will be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Eligibility for the CSPO
  • Ability to apply for 1 PDU per contact hour with the Project Management Institute
  • Satisfaction of two-thirds of the 21 required training contact hours for the PMI-ACP(Agile Certified Practitioner) as well as a strong foundation for the associated certifying exam
Why a BigVisible Course?

BigVisible focuses on one thing: enabling organizational agility. As coaches, we understand the challenges organizations face at all phases of their agile implementations: from team-level execution and delivery, to higher-level strategy, governance, and leadership. We know that for an organization to achieve agility, people at all levels must understand agile principles and be educated about agile processes like Scrum.

Our foundational training courses are firmly rooted in the core agile principles and practices you need to achieve success, regardless of your ultimate role in the organization. In addition to this quality training, BigVisible offers comprehensive coaching services, so if you get stuck or find that you need more help applying what youve learned, you can call on us.

Find out more about us, our point of view, and our approach to transformation and organizational agility by visiting our blog and website. There you will find in-depth discussions, blogs, videos, and resources to help you get a sense of who we are, what weve done for others, and how we can help you.About the Instructor

Giora Morein is a Principal Agile Coach and Co-Founder of BigVisible Solutions. He specializes in rapidly ramping up new Agile and Scrum teams through practical training, hands-on mentoring, and coaching. The programs Giora develops focus on all aspects of Agile, including principles, practices, and strategic thinking.

He has experience consulting for Fortune-class companies, such as Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, John Hancock, SSGA, Cessna Aircraft, Bell Helicopter, McKesson, and GE Healthcare (formerly IDX). He has helped these large organizations to successfully scale their agility initiatives in size and across locations.

Giora is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) and PMI-Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He earned his bachelors degree from Boston University and his MBA from Northeastern University.

Additional Information

View our cancellation/refund policy

View our privacy policy

When: Jun 10, 2015 8 AM to Jun 11, 2015 5 PMin Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: 1,195.00 true Early Bird Registration 1,195.00

1,395.00 true Standard Registration 1,395.00

906.75 true ASPE 906.75

837.00 true ASPE Reseller 837.00

(Wed, 10 Jun 2015 08 )
My Life, My Health (CDSMP): Workshop Leader Training

This FOUR day training will prepare non-health professionals to leadChronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSM)workshops in community settings.

The workshop is designed forpeople with chronic conditions (such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer, asthma, etc.) and/or their caregivers to give them the knowledge and skills needed to take a more active role in their health care and is given fortwo and a half hours, once a week, for six weeks in community settings such as senior centers, churches, libraries and hospitals.

Subjects covered include: 1) Finding better ways of dealing with pain and fatigue, 2) Learning appropriate use of medications. 3) Communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals, 4) Improving nutrition, 5) Understanding new treatment choices,6) Feeling better about life.

It is the process in which the program is taught that makes it effective. Classes are highly participative, where mutual support and success build the participants' confidence in their ability to manage their health and maintain active and fulfilling lives.This workshop was developed by Dr. Kate Lorig and her colleagues at Stanford University's patient Education Research Center.

REQUIREMENTS OF TRAINING:You must attend ALL four sessions of the training in order to be certified as a CDSMWorkshop Leader.


  • Wednesday, June 10, 2015 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 11, 2015 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, June 17, 2015 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 18, 2015 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.



555 Amory Street

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

FEES:This training is offered at no charge to Boston-based community organizations and their staffs. Program materials include: Workshop Leader Manual, a copy of "Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions", 4th edition and necessary participant paperwork.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Coffee, refreshments, lunch, snacks and all program materials will be provided.

For more information, please contact Brenda Vazquez at 617-477-6617 or

When: Jun 10, 2015 9 AM to Jun 18, 2015 5 PMin Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 09 )
CWE Eastern MA - S-PYB - 12 Steps to Starting a Business

12 Steps to Starting a Business

If you are planning to start a business or are in the early stages of launching one, then this workshop is for you.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

Develop your business ideas and planning
Consider your legal structure
Discuss choosing a name and entity
Learn how to obtain an employer identification number, licenses, permits and insurance
Leave the session with an A-to-Z overview and specific tools and tips that will help you get started quickly


Wednesday, May 27

10:00am 12:00pm

CWE-Eastern MA Office (24 School St.-7th FL, Boston)



Must register to attend.

Suggested Next Steps:

Understand, Manage, and Improve Your Credit

Financing Strategies: Learn From the Experts

Legal Considerations for New Business Owners

When: May 27, 2015 10 AM to May 27, 2015 12 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 27 May 2015 10 )
Sustainability Budgets: Moving Your Organization from Finite to Infinite Funding

In 2012, adidas Groups Corporate Real Estate Team launched the greenENERGY Fund. We sought to address two issues that plague well-intended Facilities: lack of time and training to build carbon-reduction business cases, and lack of money to make the investments.

From the start, it was clear our Facilities professionals had great ideas and superb working knowledge of their properties. They often knew exactly what could be done to slim carbon footprints but they lacked the bandwidth to translate the concepts into CFO-speak and secure the funding to get it done.

Our Fund provides technical assistance and funding for energy efficiency retrofits and carbon reduction projects. We also act as an exchange for experience and technology. Also known as our carbon-reduction venture capital fund, gEF has invested ~$4.5 M globally since its launch. The Fund has targeted (and continues to exceed) a minimum annual return of 20+% across the project portfolio.

This presentation willillustrate broadly-applicable retrofit initiatives that havedelivered nice returns, andshare practical tips for securing funding for efficiency and carbonprojects.


Elizabeth Turnbull Henry,Sr. Manager for Energy and Environment, adidas Group
Working within the Corporate Real Estate team, Elizabeth advocatesfor sustainability in new construction and invests in efficiency retrofits in existing offices, retail stores, distribution centers and datacenters.Elizabeth designed and manages the greenENERGY Fund.Prior to adidas Group, she consulted to the US Department of Energy and worked as Sustainability Lead for a MA-based residential construction firm.Elizabeth has an MBA and Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) from Yale University and a BA in Environmental Policy and Economics from Colby College.

Cancellation Policy:
If you won't be able to make the event, please cancel your registration no less than 48 hours prior to the event to receive a refund and/or avoid a no show fee.

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When: Jun 10, 2015 7 AM to Jun 10, 2015 10 AMin Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 07 )
New England B2B Networking Group Event in Woburn, MA
The New England B2B Networking Group will be hosting an exclusive networking event on June 10th in Woburn, MA at Schwartz Financial Services located at 3 Baldwin Green Common. The event is from 12pm to 1pm with a $20.00 admissionfee.Because space is limited to 10 people with no overlap of professions, you must register on Eventbriteif you would like to attend. No walk in registration is available. Each person will receive a few minutes to discuss their business followed by open networking. Pizza will be served. The New England B2B events focus on the B2B or Commercial market. The types of professions that attend include, but are not limited to: realtors, mortgage officers, attorneys, cpa's, financial planners, payroll companies, commercial lenders, commercial realtors, commercial insurance, coaches, health insurance companies, marketing and IT companies, business coaches, internet service providers, printers, promotional products, recruiters, HR Firms, CFO for hire, mobile phone providers, tradesmen. If you don't see a ticket for your occupation please email me at The great thing about these events are the attendees change each month. There are no attendance requirements and you are always meeting new people. I would like to thank Matt Schwartz for hosting this event. Please check out his website at To learn more about the New England B2B Networking Group please and to see a list of upcoming events please visit our website

When: Jun 10, 2015 12 PM in Woburn, Massachusetts (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 12 )
Daniel Ouellette & The Shobijin in Concert w/ Orange Nichole Opening
"Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin delivers a multilingual, experiential tour de force that fuses the musical traditions of New Wave, Techno-Pop, New Age, and World Music with lyrics in English, Spanish, and French. An eclectic mlange of electronic music, projected visuals, props, and traditional (and nontraditional!) instruments, their interactive, high-energy shows blend playful performance art with true musical talent in an engaging you had to be there style. The latest CD "Zizal!" has just been released on Meanie Jeannie Records and was named Top Five CD in the January 2015 issue of Metronome Magazine.

When: May 29, 2015 8 PM in Dedham, Massachusetts (Fri, 29 May 2015 20 )
HUMANWINE / The Folks Below
H.U.M.A.N.W.I.N.E. keeps audiences on their toes by taking local musicians and performers and throwing them into the mix to create a very different live show each time. Passionate, award-winning vocalist Holly Brewer (the Folks Below) cowrites and performs with acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Matthew McNiss (TI:ME:ST:AMP) to elaborate on the fictional land they call Vinland. They have been releasing all of their material with a Creative Commons license through their own record label, Nervous Relatives, since 2002. The Folks Below reclaim and weave stories from the underbelly of a burning city once consigned to oblivion.

When: Jun 10, 2015 8 PM to Jun 10, 2015 10 PMin Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: General Admission $12 (Wed, 10 Jun 2015 20 )
Charles River Mill District Launch Party
Please join us Thursday, May 28 from 5:30-7 p.m. at ChapelBridge Park as we celebrate the official launch of the Charles River Mill District, our region's newest innovation hub. Located at the intersection of Newton, Watertown and Waltham, CRMD is already home to dozens of innovation economy sector businesses, start-ups and two co-working spaces, located primarily in eight historic mill buildings. The district also includes a variety of restaurants, pubs, independently-owned shops and upwards of 1,000 recently built multi-family residential units. We believe that with the right marketing and promotion, CRMD is poised to enjoy more growth and become a vital economic engine for our region, providing new jobs and tax revenue for our municipalities and a home for a new generation of entrepreneurs. This will be your chance to share a beer and other refreshments with the entrepreneurs, employees and businesses already working in the District and share your ideas and vision for this District with each other and our municipal and state officials.

When: May 28, 2015 5 PM in Newton, Massachusetts (Thu, 28 May 2015 17 )
Marvelously expressive and complex madrigals by the unique Barbara Strozzi and her counterpart, the original bad boy of the Italian Renaissance Carlo Gesualdo. Experience them alongside a selection of chromatic madrigals by Madalena Casulana, who in 1568 published the first printed work by a woman in western music history, and by Orlando di Lasso who conducted one of her madrigals at the court of Albert V, Duke of Bavaria in Munich. In her dedication to Isabella de' Medici she writes: "[I] want to show the world, as much as I can in this profession of music, the vain error of men that they alone possess the gifts of intellect and artistry, and that such gifts are never given to women." With Catherine Liddell, theorbo/lute/baroque guitar.

When: Mar 13, 2016 4 PM to Mar 13, 2016 6 PMin Newton Center, Massachusetts
Cost: 10 - 20 USD (Sun, 13 Mar 2016 16 )
ReSoundings: sit inside the music
A re-rendering of our wildly successful Soundings of 2015. Immerse yourself as our changing constellations of singers and instruments transport you with music from the 9th to the 20th centuries by Hildegard von Bingen, Kassia, Arvo Prt, German contemporary composer Erna Woll, Renaissance composers Raffaella Aleotti, Sulpitia Cesis, Francisco Guerrero, Toms Luis de Victoria, the Florentine Laudario, and more - with medieval instruments and in the original surround sound.

When: Jan 17, 2016 4 PM to Jan 17, 2016 6 PMin Newton Center, Massachusetts
Cost: 10 - 20 USD (Sun, 17 Jan 2016 16 )
Clarke, Copland, & Cassandra
The first half of the program is devoted to a cappella works by two major 20th century composers: England's pathbreaking Rebecca Clarke and this country's beloved Aaron Copland, whose four motets date from his studies in Paris with the legendary Nadia Boulanger. Following intermission, we present Elena Ruehr's stunning a cappella opera CASSANDRA, arranged for CC especially for these concerts. CASSANDRA will be performed in a concert staging by Ruehr and Amelia LeClair. Both performances will be followed by a talk-back with the composer.

When: Nov 15, 2015 4 PM to Nov 15, 2015 6 PMin Newton Center, Massachusetts
Cost: 10 - 20 USD (Sun, 15 Nov 2015 16 )
Marvelously expressive and complex madrigals by the unique Barbara Strozzi and her counterpart, the original bad boy of the Italian Renaissance Carlo Gesualdo. Experience them alongside a selection of chromatic madrigals by Madalena Casulana, who in 1568 published the first printed work by a woman in western music history, and by Orlando di Lasso who conducted one of her madrigals at the court of Albert V, Duke of Bavaria in Munich; In her dedication to Isabella de' Medici she writes: "[I] want to show the world, as much as I can in this profession of music, the vain error of men that they alone possess the gifts of intellect and artistry, and that such gifts are never given to women." With Catherine Liddell, theorbo/lute/baroque guitar.

When: Mar 12, 2016 8 PM to Mar 12, 2016 10 PMin Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: 10 - 20 USD (Sat, 12 Mar 2016 20 )
NEC Philharmonia, Kahane / Ades, Elgar, Ravel
New England Conservatory presents: Ravel: Concerto for Piano in G major; Ads: Studies (3) for Chamber Orchestra from Couperin; Elgar: Symphony no 1 in A flat major, Op. 55

When: Mar 9, 2016 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 09 Mar 2016 19 )
NEC Philharmonia, Loebel / Haydn, Shostakovich
New England Conservatory presents: Haydn: Symphony no 100 in G major, H 1 no 100 "Military"; Shostakovich: Symphony no 8 in C minor, Op. 65

When: Dec 2, 2015 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 02 Dec 2015 19 )
NEC Philharmonia, Wolff / Bartok, Brahms, Currier
New England Conservatory presents: Currier: Microsymph; Bartk: Concerto for Orchestra, Sz 116/BB 123

When: Dec 9, 2015 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 09 Dec 2015 19 )
The Van Burens
Age Limit: 21+

The Van Burens

When: Jul 4, 2015 10 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Sat, 04 Jul 2015 22 )
Bill Frisell
Age Limit: All Ages

Bill Frisell

When: Jun 27, 2015 10 AM in North Adams, Massachusetts
Cost: 3-day pass $149 (Sat, 27 Jun 2015 10 )
Munich Symphony, Entremont/The Romeros/ Bizet, Rodrigo, Massenet
Bizet: Carmen Suite; Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar and Orchestra; Rodrigo: Concierto andaluz for 4 Guitars and Orchestra; Massenet: Le Cid

When: Nov 5, 2015 7 PM in Amherst, Massachusetts (Thu, 05 Nov 2015 19 )
2015 Beantown Comedy Riots Prelim #7

When: Sep 3, 2015 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Thu, 03 Sep 2015 19 )
2015 Beantown Comedy Riots Prelim #5

When: Aug 6, 2015 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Thu, 06 Aug 2015 19 )
2015 Beantown Comedy Riots Prelim #4

When: Jul 23, 2015 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Thu, 23 Jul 2015 19 )
2015 Beantown Comedy Riots Prelim #2

When: Jun 25, 2015 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Thu, 25 Jun 2015 19 )
2015 Beantown Comedy Riots Prelim #8

When: Sep 17, 2015 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Thu, 17 Sep 2015 19 )
2015 Beantown Comedy Riots Prelim #3

When: Jul 9, 2015 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Thu, 09 Jul 2015 19 )
Max Garcia Conover
Age Limit: All Ages

Max Garcia Conover

When: Jun 27, 2015 5 PM in Nantucket, Massachusetts (Sat, 27 Jun 2015 17 )
Bill Frisell
Age Limit: All Ages

Bill Frisell

When: Jun 26, 2015 4 PM in North Adams, Massachusetts
Cost: 3-day pass $149 (Fri, 26 Jun 2015 16 )
The Last Two People on Earth

When: May 30, 2015 7 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Sat, 30 May 2015 19 )
NEC Philharmonia, Wolff / Kernis, Shostakovich
New England Conservatory presents: Kernis: Whisper, Echo, A Cry; Shostakovich: Symphony no 5 in D minor, Op. 47

When: Mar 16, 2016 7 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 16 Mar 2016 19 )

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